BTR Live Concert: World Inferno Friendship Society


BTR Live Concert Series is back with a stellar performance from World Inferno Friendship Society. The band played at Bowery Ballroom in New York City on February 2nd, and what a show it was.  This massive band blends punk and klezmer for a truly unique sound- not to mention a great time. From the horn section to the show-stopping female vocals to the larger-than-life persona of frontman Jack Terricloth, a World Inferno live performance is sure to be memorable. DJ Bryan of LoudFastRules DJs the show.


01:13 Tattoos Fade
04:50 Poor Old Jeffery Lee
07:00 “M” is for Morphine
10:11 I Just Make Faces
12:56 Me V. the Angry Mob
17:49 Hot House Flowers
21:06 With a Good Criminal Heart
24:00 Glamour Ghouls
28:16 Thumb Cinema
32:35 …and Embarked on a Life of Poverty and Freedom
36:15 With A Good Criminal Heart
39:00 Ich Erinnere Mich an die Weimarer Republic
42:46 The Velocity of Love
47:04 Your  Younger Man
50:12 FIend in Wein
53:00 Addicted to Bad Ideas
56:45 Zen & the Art of Breaking Everything in This Room
62:30 Paul robeson
64:45 Everybody Comes to Rick’s
69:00 A Night in the Woods
73:00 Only Anarchists Are Pretty

Check it out here! 


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