Valentine’s Day Mixtape



Ok, so V-Day is pretty lame. We all know it’s an excuse to sell cards, flowers and candy- but the question is, do we care? You’ve got to admit, everyone secretly wishes for a Valentine’s Day surprise from someone special. The above is what’s left of the candy I got this year. Luckily you don’t have to wait for Mr. or Ms. Right, because I made you a mix:

Don’t Buy The Realistic – Spoon
Skinny Love- Bon Iver
Happy With You- The Drawing Board
She Sends Kisses- The Wrens
Blue Eyes- Cary Brothers
What I Love The Most- Beat Radio
Time Left For Love- Shout Out Louds
It’s Gonna Be Beautiful- Wisely
Blame You- Wakey! Wakey!
St. Peter’s Day Festival- Ra Ra Riot
Song For You- Alexi Murdoch
With You- Stars Of Track And Field
Welcome To My Room- VietNam
You Have Been Loved- Sia

Listen here.


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