Artist of the Week: Jason Collett


Some of the most talented artists in recent years have come out of the Canadian collective Broken Social Scene. Albums from Feist, Amy Millan, and Stars have impressed fans and critics alike with their fresh sounds and staggering songwriting. BTR is thrilled to present another member of this collective as our Artist of the Week. Jason Collett, an amazingly talented singer/songwriter from Toronto, has been tearing up the airwaves on BreakThru, and with good reason. Collett’s new album, Here’s to Being Here, was just released on February 5th on Arts & Crafts, but has already garnered praise from bloggers and traditional media outlets.

The album title is taken from one of Jason’s favorite poems, and is a testament to the spirit of living in the moment. Lucky for the listener, the moment happens to be set to some of the most heartfelt and honest songwriting we’ve seen from Collett. The Broken Social Scene collaborations we’ve come to expect aren’t as abundant on this album, but it matters not, as Collett has really come into his own. The twanging tunes take on an almost country feel, but Collett has his share of rocking moments with tour band Paso Mino. The slower jams of this album contrast his acclaimed 2005 release Idols of Exile, his debut on Arts & Crafts. As far as BTR is concerned, this more fully shows his range and talent as a musician.

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