Ingrid Michaelson: Live from The Social in Orlando, FL



Ingrid Michaelson took the stage in front of a sold out crowd at The Social in Orlando, Florida, on January 26th, in the opening slot for Matt Nathanson.  As she took her seat behind her keyboard, located stage right, she mentioned how she had thought that she would be “safe” in that area but now, due to positioning, everyone on that side had a clear view of her “muffin top”.

She then engaged the ladies in the crowd saying “girls, you know what I’m talking about”. For those of you who don’t know what she’s talking about, legend has it that this slang expression came to be on the Australian television show “Kath & Kim”, and it basically refers to the flub that hangs out over the waistline of a woman’s pants, much like the muffin does over its paper cup. The point is, anyone that opens their set with such self -deprecating humor has got to be cool, right?

True to form, Ingrid Michaelson proved to be the cat’s pajamas throughout her set. With her magnetic personality, relatable lyrics, and delightful voice, Michaelson wooed the crowd with tracks off her debut release Girls and Boys, and she managed to throw in a few curve balls as well.

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