Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings: Live from The Social in Orlando, FL


When the Dap-Kings took the stage for a Monday night show at The Social in Orlando, Florida, they sharply lived up to their name. Dressed in fitted suits and armed with vintage instruments, the band certainly looked dapper – like a flashback to the best of 1960s funk & soul.

The band, sans their front woman, assumed their positions and began a funky jam led by guitarist and MC Binky Griptite. Griptite sang a cheery number before transforming into an impassioned gospel preacher. The gospel he preached was the gospel of Jones, and the arrival of the “Daptone SuperSoulRevue”, which aroused the audience into a state of frenzied anticipation for  the lady of the hour.

However, the Dap-Kings were quite mesmerizing themselves; it seemed nearly impossible for anyone to upstage their charisma and quality of performance. Then, Jones strutted onto the stage, and all eyes were on her.  With a commanding presence comparable to the likes of Godzilla, (though she’s quite compact, standing under 5 feet tall) Jones’ dominated the stage.
Now, Sharon Jones is fresh on the scene in some adoring fans eyes, but she’s been doing this for years (though her previous tours have not drawn quite as large of a turnout). Truth is, Sharon Jones is 51 years old. Yet, as she danced around on the stage, she embodied the saying “age is just a number.” Jones has more energy and vitality than any performer out there, including those 30 years her junior. She is a seasoned pro that captivated an insatiable audience.

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