Vagabond Opera at The Living Room

As I headed to The Living Room in NYC to see Vagabond Opera, I was extremely excited. This was certainly not the first time I had heard of the band. In fact, I have been playing them on my monthly show, Sideshow Acts for quite some time.
However, all I really knew of the band was what I’d learned from their self-titled album, which they sent me last year. The group consists of Eric Stern, Operatic Tenor and Accordion player,  Robin Jackson on Tenor Saxophone and Vocals, Leslie Kernochan, Operatic Soprano and Alto Saxophone player, Jason Flores, Standup Bass, Mark Burdon on Percussion and Skip Von Kuske on Cello. The ensemble plays a mixture of Jazz, Klezmer, Gypsy, Balkan and Cabaret style.
The band began to play around 1am. I was quite tired at this time and ready for the show. Though the band sounded wonderful, I thought they were much like a stage act, more of an Off-Broadway theater production than a musical group.

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