Thursday, December 13 is for New Crunk City

Shout Out Louds
DJ Lottie BTR – Get that same feeling you do when you put new shoes on for their first big day…kind of like giving birth, eh. Of course without all the pain because DJ Lottie brings the soothing sounds of Argyle Johansen, DNTEL, Grizzly Bear, Bedouin Soundclash, Shout Out Louds, and BTR Artist of the Week, Bad Veins.

Dapper Fitting Drinking Hour – Because there’s a difference between drinking hour and drinking day…DJ Latola has whittled down the best partying music to a fitting 62:55 minutes. Comprised of The Dynamites, Tokyo Police Club, Sufjan Stevens, Phonetic, Bad Veins, Velveteen Pink, and others, this set will have you laid out before you even touch the hard stuff.

The Bloggeratti – DJ Rachelandthecity delivers new tracks from Young Agent Jones as well as music from The Nobility, Apollo Up!, Illinois, and more. Also, be sure to listen for an exclusive interview with BTR Artist of the Week, Bad Veins. There’s so much going on here you’ll think you’re watching TV.
Young Agent Jones

Reggae Hour – DJ Drew brings you Zenzile, Slightly Stoopid, Skream, Bad Brains, Warrior King, Gregory Isaacs, The Upsetters, and 10ft. Ganja Plant. Don’t just kick out the jams, but ride them all the way to the weekend because when you’re high…you gotta get low.
The Third Man
Live @ the Hitone – DJ Rachelandthecity unleashes another stellar live performance, this week from Memphis band The Third Man. Formerly known as Augustine, these guys really know what the fuck they’re doing. Be sure to take a peek at Rachelandthecity’s playlist for more info.


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