Sunday, December 9th is for Cameron sans Ferris

Flight of the Conchords
DJ Drew BTR – DJ Drew picks his favorites from the BTR archives in today’s show. No genre is safe and neither are your emotions. He’ll have you laughing, crying, dancing, and yelling to music ranging from Senior Discount to Flight of the Conchords to The Cat Empire to Albert Ayler. Take these recommendations to heart ‘cause this is what DJing is about.

BTR Cool Flow Mix – Feel the smooth flows of these artists hand-picked by DJ Wendy G. You won’t be disappointed…or anxious, or stressed out, or angered by the current injustices of the world…because on this set, the tunes of Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad, S.K.I.P., Phonetic, Blue Scholars, Copperpot, and others will have you lost in the music.

After Ten Years is Forever
Jazz Hole – Square yourself away and get ready to wrap your head around the jazz stylings of BTR’s most talented improvisational gurus. After Ten Years is Forever, The Free Art Project, Oleg Slepak and Greg Harris, The Zs, and Victor Bermon all make appearances in this DJ Pat masterpiece set. So how ‘bout some brain tinglers?

Alt-Country – Circe Link, Ryan Adams, The Heathens, The Panderers, Ninja Gun, Deadstring Brothers, and plenty more can be found in DJ Emily’s alt-country set this week. For those who say they love everything but country, feel good because this is alt-country.
The Heathens


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