Saturday, December 8 is for face-to-face-to-face contact

New Pornographers
DJ Pat BTR – Over an hour of the exciting, the feel good, and the chill right here. DJ Pat doles out tunes from The New Pornographers, Schneider TM, The Silver Seas, Telefon Tel Aviv, Nightmares on Wax, Sufjan Stevens and much, much more. This is your brain…this is your brain on music.

BTR Party Hour – DJ J Dayz brings fat electro-dance to today’s edition. Fool’s Gold Records provides a nice backdrop with Kid Sister tracks upping the climaxes with additional support from Chk Chk Chk, UV Protection, Square Pusher, Battles, Joy Electric, The Mystic Underground and more. If you’ve got the music, you’ve got the party, and if you’ve got the party, you’ve got everything!

Vanilla Kick
BTR Live at Old School Studios – Mr Jason brings you the best tracks and a live set from Vanilla Kick. Calum Duncan, Harry Hall, and Nick Yager get your blood rushing with the most filling combo of guitar, drums, and synth. These guys are perfectionists…their music reflects it.

Folk Wave – Explore the diverse branches of folk from bluesy to rock-y to weird. Nuru Kane, Martha Berner, Beirut, American Analog Set, Edie Carey, Luke Temple, and Hayward Williams illustrate as your guide DJ Maia crafts a flowing set of great folk for you, great people.
Nuru Kane
Stratosphere – Atmospheric pop and DJ Aaron D go together like you and BTR. Catch a glimpse into the lounge of Aaron’s soul where the music of Dntel, All India Radio, Grizzly Bear, Chairlift, Mogwai, Iron & Wine, and Miracle Fortress will make you believe they’re all you need.


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