Wednesday, December 5 is for snowflakes and milk

DJ RePete BTR – Deck the halls with indie and electronica as RePete the DJ-man redefines the holidays. For all of you who feel it has become “too commercial” and “all about the presents” here’s your chance to make the tunes of The Cliks, The Valley Arena, Rosalita, The Selfish Gene, Variable Unit and more the new holiday standards.
Front & Center – Having searched coffeehouses and acoustic cafes around the world, DJ Jeff K brings the best singer/songwriters ready to break the mold here on BTR. Val Emmich, Krystal Warren, Amber Rubarth, and Jason Myles Goss get their shot…and they make it count.

Matt & Emily – DJs Matt & Emily have just got a bag full of goodies! They spin two tracks from Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad’s upcoming BTR Live Studio. Michael Maines, owner of Arkain Records, makes a huge announcement. And let’s just say Yahoo’s Top Ten Most Popular Searches of 2007 gets railed big time!

Planet Beet – Mr Jason plays a live set of his very own original tracks performed at Planet Beet at The Old Maltings. Comic Book Heroes, Aly Gynn, Vanilla Kick, The Kabeedies, and Bearsuit are among others who share the remaining airtime. So tune in and spend today across the pond…trust me, it’s a business expense.
Comic Book Heroes
Newlyweds – The newlyweds DJ Matt & Emily have Gogol Bordello on the mind and let’s just say the rest is one long cool down…tell that to the Born Ruffians, CSS, The Brunettes, Squarepusher, The Main Drag, and Tokyo Police Club and they’ll be sure to put you to sleep.


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