Tuesday, December 4 is for Quote Uhs

Art of Shooting

BTR Live Studio – Likened to the howling sounds of Sonic Youth and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Art of Shooting brings down the house in today’s Live Studio brought to you from DJ Maia. Check out this set then make your way down to Soundfix in Brooklyn on December 15th for an extra treat.

DJ Emily BTR – DJ Emily’s got the whole radio thing down, pat! And she knows it too, so listen to tunes from Swayze, Edmund Cake, Gotye, Iamlsee, Square Root of Margaret, BTR Artist of the Week, Portugal. The Man. and try not to agree.

Maximum Music – Listen to today’s set as DJ Mojo lets you into his method behind the madness. Step back with Coyote, then fight on with The Holy Soul, Dappled Cities, Glassacre, Seekonk, Oceansize and plenty more.

All Access – DJ Maxim debuts 17-year-old singer/songwriter Monkberry. Stick around for Euro hip-hopper Shy Renegade and the best rock music from Care Bears on Fire, Pull In Emergency, The Metronomes, Nicholas Megalis and plenty more.

Tokyo Police Club

Paperbag Label Showcase – This is the label that brought you Tokyo Police Club, Sally Shapiro, and Andre Ethier. Hear what they’ve been hiding up their sleeve in today’s label showcase of Paper Bag Records brought to you by DJ Laura C Chord.

Tokyo Police Club


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