Saturday, December 1 is for Nick’s Names

Live at Old School Studios – DJ Mr Jason delivers a live set from UK rockers SOMETIMESNEVER at Old School Studios, UK. Songs like Paper Bags, Graduation Day, She, and Terror will definitely leave you more than satistfied.

DJ Pat BTR – One look at those bared teeth and red sunglasses is all it takes to know DJ Pat has got your back for the weekend. And boy does he deliver! Pat gets the party started on BTR with Low, Of Montreal, Arcade Fire, Architecture in Helsinki, The Album Leaf, The Unicorns and much more. Say hello to your new best friend…Pat.
Party Hour – F*** the shuffle on that new iPod of yours. The only way to keep people moving is with DJ J Dayz and the tunes of S.K.I.P, Phonetic, The Stabilisers, Flight of the Conchords, Biffy Clyrol, and Brownies among plenty more. J Dayz throws a nod to BTR’s new punk-inspired show “Loud Fast Rules” with a few punk tunes to keep the crowd angry.
My Brightest Diamond
Folk Wave – Ride the organic flow of the folk wave today with DJ Maia. Begin your weekend well with songs of love, life, and hate from Rose Cousins, My Brightest Diamond, Gus Black, Apostle of Hustle, Cat Power, Spottiswoode & McMahon, and others. Let’s be good…


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