Wednesday, November 28 is for my apologies

Make sure to check out the “Reviews” section to read Rachel’s review of the recent Secret Service show at The Hitone.
Mixtape Show – DJ Annie tackles Thanksgiving leftovers with a little help from Downtown Harvest, Neutral Milk Hotel, Maggots, Candy Bars and many more scrumptious bands and artists. Listen for songs like “Banana Man,” “Sweet Potato,” and “The Taste in My Mouth,” because that stomachache most likely means you’ve had way too little! Experience music a little differently on the Mixtape Show.

DJ RePete BTR – Today’s show is jam-packed with DJ RePete’s best picks from Ra Ra Riot, Oskar & the Psycholovers, The Polyphonic Spree, Skidmore Fountain, Chris Glover, Maido Project, and BTR Artitst of the Week, Bedouin Soundclash among plenty more BTR standouts. Make sure to listen for the debut of new BTR artist, Humankind….Remember, people, to re-hydrate often.

Front & Center – You’ve found four of the best singer/songwriters around. DJ Jeff K introduces to you the beautiful songs of Tobias Froberg, The Acorn, Adam Masterson, and Marissa Nadler. We all know it’s the hump day, so take a listen and bring back a little humanity into the world.

Matt & Emily – DJs Matt & Emily bring you up to date on all relevant news stories! The Hulk and Dancing with the Stars find their place among Bedouin Soundclash, Born Ruffians, Fela Kuti, Sylvie Lewis, The Nudie Suits, and several others. Be all you can be with BTR Matt & Emily.

Planet Beet – Real Shemales from Brazil…trust me, Mr Jason knows exactly what he’s doing. And he does it well with more songs from Bearsuit, Sometimesnever, Three Vicars, Buttonhead, The Defeat and a couple other class-act UK artists. And whaddya know?! Another special treat here: Havana Guns live performance at Prior’s Inn.


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