Tuesday, November 27 is for lo(n,v,s)ers

BTR Live Studio – DJ Maia presents long-time BTR favorite Spottiswoode & His Enemies on today’s live studio. Making beautiful songs from whatever’s lying around, whether it be rock, folk, blues or jazz, Jonathan Spottiswoode speaks with Maia about the band’s upcoming albums, 10-year anniversary, and tour shows!

DJ Emily BTR – You’re stomach is stretched out and the leftovers are gone! Fill up with DJ Emily and the scrumptious sounds of Denizen Kane, Edmund Cake, The Nudie Suits, Kyle Mann Combo, Downtown Harvest, and BTR Artist of the Week, Bedouin Soundclash among many others.

Maximum Music – DJ Mojo brings you a very special treat that’ll be well worth the listen. The mix opens with a live 4-song set from Brooklyn rockers, Rahim. Keep the high going with additional tunes from Red Robot, The Go Station, Katie Todd, Creepy Pretty, and Crystal Castles on this week’s Maximum Music.

Pull In Emergency
All Access – “They’re not wrong, they’re young…and I’d be damned if it isn’t the youth that makes them so good!” DJ Maxim brings you the best music comin’ from the nineties and eighties babies with The Mystery Tramps, Pull In Emergency, Charlotte O’ Connor, The Metronomes, Care Bears on Fire and much more…Care Bears on Fire?!?!

Makeshift Music – DJ Rachel speaks with Jake and Toby Vest of the Third Man to discuss the band’s upcoming album /Among the Wolves/!! Hear additional songs from The Secret Service, Antenna Shoes, Brad Posthelwaite, and The Glass for a true rock experience.

Spotlight on the City: Vienna – DJ Lottie’s got the lowdown on the Vienna music scene with music from 22 of the city’s native bands. Hear what the hip Austrians are shaking their asses to with songs from Chris and the Other Girls, Kreisky, Velojet, Killed by 9V Batteries, TNT Jackson, Aber Dal Leben Lebt and plenty more.


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