Monday, November 26 is for topping off

Bedouin Soundclash
Matt & Emily – Get a special listen to BTR’s Artist of the Week, Bedouin Soundclash, and additional tracks from Dub Trio, Polyphonic Spree, Valley of Giants and a few others. DJs Matt & Emily re-cap the Thanksgiving weekend, so sit back and reminisce before everything becomes just memories.

DJ Wynn BTR – DJ Wynn’s got the music to detox to. Do not let the holidays clog your brain when there’s plenty of s*** to do before Christmas. Get back in the groove with Manu Chao, Miracle Fortress, The Brownies, The New Pornographers, Bedouin Soundclash, Illinois, and plenty more.

The Darkside – DJ Darkside breaks two new artists in today’s show. Enemy of Myself and House Made of Dawn show what it takes to make it on The Darkside in their first BTR appearance. And be sure to listen for tracks from Frozen Tears, Immortal Dominion, Emplates Vengeance, Svolk, Mind and more..

10 Degrees in Memphis – For this year’s last edition, DJ Rachelandthecity counts down her 10 favorite tracks of the year to make it out of Memphis. Oh No! Oh My!, Amy Lavere, Antenna Shoes, Giant Bear, and 6 others make the list this year’s best reasons to make 4th graders study geography.

BTR’s Loud Fast Rules – DJ Bryan brings you the first edition of BTR’s new Loud Fast Rules. With the best punk rock to ever embody angst, the show examines all punk from even a quarter century ago. The Adverts, The Avengers, The Germs, The Undertones, The Vibrators, and several more punk rockers kick your teeth in for a healthful start to your week…no other reason.

BTR Top 10 – DJ Jeff K wastes no time bringing the rundown of the last week’s top ten tracks. The Jonestown Massacre, Ra Ra Riot, Taken by Trees, Apostle of Hustle, and 6 others establish their harmonious dominance as the top spot goes to none other than…


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