Thursday, November 22 is for everything but

Just a reminder. Remember that with the “Download” button on the BTR radio player, all BTR shows are downloadable for convenient placement in most digital music playing devices.
Mouthful of Bees
DJ Lottie BTR – DJ Lottie wishes all a Happy Thanksgiving with a special treat today. Lottie’s brought together the most apropos of songs given the day’s holiday occasion. Warm up with “Red Fire” by Fever Marlene, share the love with “The Spirit of Giving” by The New Pornographers, and indulge in “Apple Pie” by Bugs in the Dark. Just take a look at the set list for this season’s best offerings.

Dapper Fitting Drinking Hour – DJ Latola will make sure you complete the holiday trifecta with songs to keep the turkey-induced slumber at bay. Eat, drink, and be merry with tunes from CSS, Edmund Cake, Malajube, Nervous Cabaret, Of Montreal, Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad, and plenty more to get that jive turkey ass shakin’!

The Bloggeratti – Hear 5 picks from this week’s guest blogger, Patrick Duffy, of the Poptartssucktoasted blog. DJ Rachelandthecity’s got additional music from Poison Control Center, The Callen Sisters, Camphor, The Lisps, and Mouthful of Bees.

Reggae Hour – DJ Drew gets you your reggae and dub fix without fail, as always. With songs from Feel the Pulse, John Brown’s Body, High Tone, Thievery Corporation, Kulcha Knox, and plenty more you may not be able to sit still long enough for a decent meal.
Live @ The Hitone – This one will really get your Thanksgiving juices flowing. In the giving spirit, today’s set comes from a Live from Memphis benefit performed at The Hitone. And the main attraction: the Subteens! Caution: BTR is not responsible for any punk rock-induced food fights that may result.


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