Wednesday, November 21 is for Thursday, November 22

DJ RePete BTR – DJ RePete does double duty today. First supplying you with the best tunes from The Brownies, Destroyer, Skidmore Fountain, The Most Serene Republic, The Mercers, and more. Second, check the show for RePete’s upcoming concert highlights of BTR’s favorite artists.

Front & Center – DJ Jeff K’s got new music from Jason Collett in today’s show. And hear an intimate performance from singer/songwriter New Buffalo, writer of Feist hit “1234.” Matt Ellis and Seu Jorge round out the set with extra doses of that stuff that makes holidays so pleasant.

Matt & Emily – Practice your dinner conversation with DJs Matt & Emily as they discuss vacation and sunny Florida. Music comes from Artist of the Week, The Most Serene Republic, Gogol Bordello, The Nudie Suits, Yerba Buena feat. Dead Prez, The New Pornographers and from current BTR label showcaser, Lil Chief Records.

Planet Beet – Find DJ Mr Jason spinning Fuck Dress, Lizaveta’s Work, Chickedy & McGuffin, Fuzzface, and a handful of other UK artists. Stick around for the Planet Beet Live Gig featuring the band Student, pictured atop.


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