Tuesday, November 20 is for B-grade anything

BTR Live Studio – DJ Maia brings you Brooklyn-based band Cholo in today’s Live Studio. The Pixies-esque first track, “Jose on Vacay” is a great introduction to this band’s diverse sound and will surely have you hooked from first shout.
Check out the band’s upcoming shows and new releases while listening to an instant BTR Live Studio classic.

Lil Chief Label Showcase – The best new New Zealand music you’ve never heard is one click away with today’s showcase of the Lil Chief Label. The Nudie Suits, Ryan McPhun and The Ruby Suns, The Tokey Tones, Edmund Cake, and BTR all-stars, The Brunettes line DJ Latola’s mix. And with a track titled “Dancing Like a Huxtable,” try not to listen.

DJ Emily BTR – DJ Emily’s got ear worms for you today! That’s right, hear tunes from CSS, Colourmusic, Ghostland Observatory, Ra Ra Riot, and BTR Artist of the Week, The Most Serene Republic that’ll leave you humming…even with a mouthful of turkey.

Maximum Music – Let DJ Mojo remind you why you fell in love with music. Pash, Two Gallants, Hallelujah the Hills, The Clientele, Caribou, and The Phoenix foundation provide Mojo with plenty examples. The lyrics, the instrumentation, the emotion…the ideal!!

All Access – Hear DJ Maxim’s top picks from today’s best new artists. Tracks from Jade, The Motels, Charlotte O’Connor, Black Swade, and plenty more will restore faith in today’s youth…the useful, music-making ones anyways.

Lottie’s Sideshow Acts – What’s that you hear?!?! The Balkans, Eastern Europe, the Circus…Klezmer???? DJ Lottie reminds us the best shows are often far from the main stage with jaunts, ditties, and damn good songs from Golem, Zydepunks, Hazmat Modine, Traio Romano, Circus Contraption and others.

Makeshift Music – DJ Rachelandthecity sends a special congrats to new mother Alicja Trout with songs featuring Trout’s contributions to her bands MouseRocket, Black Sunday, and Lost Sounds. Hear music from Trout’s Makeshift Label-mates Antique Curtain, JD Reager, Shabbadoo, The Glass and much more.


One response to “Tuesday, November 20 is for B-grade anything

  1. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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