Friday, November 17 is for F*** Yeahs

The Restless
BTR Live Studio – DJ Jeff K brings you New York indie rock band The Restless. This quartet shakes things up without the annoying weirdness so be sure to check out this Live Studio plus their upcoming shows in December and January.

The Synapse – If you find yourself scrambling for those umbrellas and gloves lately in this chilling NY weather, make sure you take some time to heat up with DJ Latola and his warming mix. Latola’s recruited Arms and Sleepers, Taken By Trees, The Dynamites, Destroyer, The Brunettes and many more to battle Old Man Winter, so enjoy the show!

BPs Wang Dang Doodle – Resident BTR sage, BP Fallon, graces your ears today and introduces Toronto band Bedouin Soundclash as his band of the week. The Stabilisers, Semi Precious Weapons, Kenny Kenny, and The Detroit Cobras also contribute some songs to this look into BP’s music-loving “Bionic Heart.”

All Access – Forget “The Wonder Years” because Kevin Arnold ain’t got nothing on these teens featured today. Frans Mernick, Pink Shoelaces, Sam Bell, The Blue Addictions, and Short Circuit bring you the best in music from under-20-year-olds. Rock, rap, R&B, and plenty more variety tell us the feature will still be kickin’.

Matt & Emily – Discuss family and Matt’s dorkness with the adorable duo today. Sea Wolf (BTR’s AOTW), Nellie McKay, Destroyer, The Cat Empire, and Binky Griptite and the Mellomatics will be there. Fridays are for parties.

Rock Block – DJ Darkside caters to some of the other colors of the “Rock Rainbow” in today’s show. Hard and with an edge, Comanchero, The Matt Pistol Project, Ion, 4” Stud, and Shaolin Temple of Boom kick the crap out of your ears. This is definitely not your Monday morning mix.

Revolver – Remind us music is alive and well, DJ Wynn! Ghostland Observatory, Hot Hot Heat, Broken Social Scene, Of Montreal, and Stars fit the bill to a T. Get your ass moving rhythmically up and down with slight mid-air drifts side to side.

Remix Hour – DJ Pat features Breakup Breakdown, personally re-mixing their awesome song “Incestuous.” Stick around for Pleasurecraft, Shock Cinema, Telefon Tel Aviv, and so many more awesome artists and re-mixers because these songs really are double the fun!


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