Thursday, November 15 is for trash/treasure

The Silver Seas
The Bloggeratti – DJ Rachelandthecity plays new songs from Tyler Ramsey, Maritime, and Arma Secreta with additional tunes from Goldrush, The Perishers, The Silver Seas and others in today’s episode. Also, hear songs from this week’s guest blog, Battering Room.

DJ Lottie BTR – Thursday brings best wishes from DJ Lottie and the best music from Dntel, Amy Millan, Arizona and New Buffalo. Give the mix a listen for a great example of music’s more euphoric effects.

Dapper Fitting Drinking Hour – Skip lunch and pound a few with the gang as DJ Latola does all the mixing. Shots of James Liddell, S.K.I.P., The Dynamites, and Chk Chk Chk all around with some great brews in between. Oh, and how apropos that The Dap Kings will be paying a visit.

Reggae Hour – Today’s set is overflowing with DJ Drew’s top picks in Reggae and Dub music from this week. Solomon Jabby, Paulie Nugent, the ever-popular Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad and much more are just dripping with fat echoes, shining guitars, and really real rhythms.

Ted Leo and The Pharmacists
Live at the Hitone – Straight from Memphis, Tennessee DJ Rachelandthecity brings you the best from The Hitone Café. Today is a great day because featured is a live set from the inimitable Ted Leo and The Pharmacists. Me & Mia, Where have all the rude boys gone?, and Bomb. Repeat. Bomb are just a few songs that’ll have you coming back…until next Thursday, of course.


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