Wednesday, November 14 is for catsup

Over the Sun
The Mixtape Show – DJ Annie takes on the animal kingdom with nods to artists and songs that give voices to some of our favorite species of animalia. Band of Horses, Wolf Parade, and Grizzly Bear are just some of the animals Annie tames, so lend an ear to hear the last gasps of savagery.

Worldwide Hour – The African overtones of today’s Worldwide Hour are undeniable. DJ Wynn lets you sample the exotic tastes of Orchestre Baobab, Manu Dibango, Malajube, Nuru Kane and plenty of others. This isn’t just world music, but real good world music.

DJ RePete BTR – DJ RePete brings the best out of the last 6 months including Argyle Johansen, Phonetic, Sylvie Lewis and more. With tracks ranging from hip-hop to indie alternative the excitement’s never gone from today’s mix.

Front & Center – Front and center on Front & Center are the week’s best up and coming singer/songwriters. DJ Jeff K delivers Pete Pidgeon and Arcoda, Chris Joyner, Naree and Andy Davis for your consideration, so have a good time, will you?

Matt & Emily on BTR – Ponder e-cigarettes and other human ridiculousness with DJs Matt and Emily. And to show they’re not all talk, Sea Wolf, Ra Ra Riot, Binky Griptite & the Mellomatics, and a few other bands provide the soundtrack to today’s show.

Planet Beet – Listen for DJ Mr Jason’s UK rundown of the best rock music from miles and miles away. Among Chickedy & McGuffin, Clutterhead, and other awesomely named bands, a live gig from Over the Sun at Planet Beet is featured today. Crunchy indeed.

Newlyweds – Real or fake? Take a listen to DJs Matt & Emily as the newlyweds take on pine needles and evergreen sap. Hear tunes from DabaCaracol, Spoon, Of Montreal, Caribou and plenty others appropriate for any wedding reception.


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