Tuesday, November 13 is for pain

Patrick Wolff
BTR Live Studio – Today, DJ Maia defines an instant classic and spins an encore presentation of the Patrick Wolff Trio BTR sessions. This jazz group from Brooklyn lays down tasty jazz lines with an especially mean sax that’ll give any musical mind something to play with.

DJ Emily BTR – As always, DJ Emily’s got the feel-good playlist in the bag. Kickin’ off with Ingrid Michaelson, not far behind are Of Montreal, The Postal Service, Sufjan Stevens, and BTR Artist of the Week, Sea Wolf…Do you feel it yet, dammit?!?!

Maximum Music – DJ Mojo will send your head spinning with the lush sounds of The Anunnaki, Oslo, Architecture in Helsinki, and much more. “Maximum?”…the music just takes over your head.

All Access – DJ Maxim breaks new tunes from new All Access artists in today’s show. Listen as Jade, Scott Verbeek, and sixteen-year-old UK singer/songwriter Charlotte O’Connor drop new tracks in this mix.

The Makeshift Music Hour – DJ Rachelandthecity interviews Brad Bailey, formerly of The Glass, and features songs from the lead singer’s new music. Listen also to hear some of Bailey’s favorite Makeshift Music Hour songs.

Step-It-Up – Break free from your normal workout and get BreakThru Radio in your headphones for music that gets you going and sticks around to bring you home. DJ Maxim scientifically formulates each mix so you can sit back and enjoy…on your water breaks, at least.


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