Thursday, November 8 is for dogs with sweaters

Portugal. The Man
Give yourself a good kick in the ass with DJ Lottie BTR hosted by none other than DJ Lottie, herself. No need to fret if asses aren’t your thing; the sounds of Band of Horses are aplenty as are those of The Panderers, Arizona, and Portugal. The Man.

It’s Thursday and all downhill from here. Whether you’re chilling or dancing, BTR Reggae Hour is sure to get you into the right mindset for the weekend (if not a bit too early). Begin coasting with DJ Drew’s selections from Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad, The Meditation, Roots of Creation, and the legendary Lee “Scratch” Perry.

Live from The Hitone Café, it’s The Secret Service live!!! Skip the half-eaten King-size Snickers and indulge in this leftover Halloween treat that’ll leave your ears reeling. DJ Rachelandthecity funnels the body-rumbling sounds of Phil Lynott’s dream band straight to your face…Freddy Krueger masks provide little protection.

Black Kids
If that’s not enough (is it ever, really?) do double time with DJ Rachelandthecity on The Bloggeratti – Blog World Edition. Black Kids, The Brunettes, and De Novo Dahl highlight Rachelandthecity’s visit to the BlogWorld convention in blog capital of the world of course, Las Vegas.


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