Wednesday, November 7 is for Colors

I saw a rainbow today:

Red: DJ RePete sends out good vibrations on DJ RePete BTR today. Songs from I am Jen, George Sarah, and the surprisingly familiar Comanchero grace the sound waves in today’s mix. DJ RePete will leave you riding a wave of relaxation to get you over this Wednesday gloom.

Green: On Front & Center, Andy Davis, Ford Turrell, Josh O’Connor, and Alexi Murdoch take the stage with DJ Jeff K directing the show. Sure silence is golden, but these unsigned and indie singer/songwriters remind us that materialism is a thing of the past.

Violet: It must be a small world for DJ Wynn after all. Listen to the BTR Worldwide Hour for his cream of the crop including Beirut, Golem, Poncho Sanchez, and plenty more global flavors.

Orange: Tommy Wallach, Super Furry Animals, and Gotan Project lend their songs to the musical interludes today of Matt & Emily on BTR. Good people, good music, and good conversation are all you need, so let DJs Matt and Emily nourish the soul.

Blue: Live Specials are on the menu today at Planet Beet. DJ Mr. Jason cooks up a great mix with live recordings from the WillyCockers and Popular Workshop. This one is just dripping with UK madness.


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