Across the Universe

Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup
They slither while they pass
They slip away across the universe
Pools of sorrow waves of joy are drifting through my open mind
Possessing and caressing me

Jai guru deva om
Nothing’s gonna change my world
Nothing’s gonna change my world
Nothing’s gonna change my world
Nothing’s gonna change my world

Saw Across the Universe the other night.  It’s ridiculous.  The movie is a musical using a ton of Beatles songs (a la “Mama Mia”/Abba or “Movin’ Out”/Billy Joel) to tell the story.  The characters are, of course, named after characters from Beatles songs (Jude, Prudence, Lucy, Max, Sadie, etc). Liverpool Dock worker Jude (Jim Sturgess) travels to America in the 1960s to find his estranged father (he’s a WWII baby).  Daddy works as a janitor at Princeton, Jude meets stereotypical Princeton rich boy rebel Max (Joe Anderson; think Logan on Gilmore Girls).  Max takes Jude home to the fam, where our loveable Brit of course falls in love with blue eyed blonde all American little sis Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood).  Max drops out of Princeton, the boys move to NYC where they meet up with some interesting characters, including singer/landlady Sadie (Dana Fuchs) and guitarist JoJo (Martin Luther McCoy).  Lucy’s boyfriend dies in the Vietnam War as Max gets drafted.  Let the activism and political statements begin!  Stay tuned for random cameos from Bono, Eddie Izzard, Joe Cocker and Salma Hayek.  If you’re a Beatles fan, you’ll love this movie.  It’s trippy – not quite Rocky Horror Picture Show trippy, but more like taking-the-red-pill-going-down-the-rabbit-hole-and-lacing-your-tea-with-LSD-trippy.  But in good way.  I think John Lennon would have liked this movie.

Bono in Across the Universe

Bono is the Walrus, which makes sense, as he already thinks he is the 2nd coming of Jesus anyway.

Martin Luther and Dana Fuchs in Across the Universe

Dana Fuchs & Martin Luther McCoy during “Oh Darling!”


Evan Rachel Wood. All you can think of when you watch her is “that girl is like 9 & she’s banging Marilyn Manson.” But she has a nice voice (“Blackbird”).

Eddie Izzard in Across the Universe 

Eddie Izzard is the ringmaster for this crazy circus we’re in (“Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite”).

Across the Universe Magical Mystery

Jude, Lucy, Max and company go on their own Magical Mystery Tour, hehe.

Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry Fields Forever.


Max gets drafted for the War in Vietnam – “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”.


26 responses to “Across the Universe

  1. Banging Marilyn Manson? What? Explain that one. I saw the film last week and loved it. The Strawberry Fields Forever sequence was brilliant. I fell in love with Jude pretty much, as I assume you’re supposed to =) Max was awesome too though. I’m a huge fan of The Beatles, and was very happy to find that the versions of their songs didn’t irritate me in the slightest, usually people ruin them. Not this time though!

  2. I fell inlove with across the universe! the amazing outlook on the 60’s this movie provided was outstanding! I must also complament on the singing wich in my opinion wasthe best i have ever herd! My favorite charater had to be max. I love the sense of fun his character brought to this movie, and how toward the end his charactor became deeper and his whole outlook on life changed after being drafted into war ( I also loved his exepitoinal atractiveness!). i love this movie i would recomend it to any beatles and or theater fan like me. you will not regret seeing this amazing movie! across the universe!

  3. by the way for all u other across the universe fans it comes out on dvd in the US Feb.5,208 super exited to get it!

  4. OMG I love Dana Fuchs!

    What a fantastic movie with heart, soul, and a great job redoing the Beatles.

    Marry me Dana!

  5. My friend tiped me off on this movie. Its a good thing she did cause I FELL IN LOVE with it!

  6. u guys should check out jim sturgess’s new movie 21, idk when it comes out but i wached the trailer on youtube, and it looks AMAZING!!! does anyone else know what i am talking about?

  7. OMG me to! also gotta give props to joe anderson he is pretty hot 2! and he is also an amazing actor, so is jim sturgess of course! but realy does anyone else no about 21? its soo cool jim uses an american accent in it! someone PLEASE know what im talking about!

  8. I already loved the Beatles and the movie gave me a different outlook on their songs, But Jude is SOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I absofreakenlutly love this movie!!!!!! The guy who plays Jude is Hott and has a great voice!

    A few people in theis movie already got offers to be in another movie/musical.I cant wait to see it!!

  10. omg this is werid i was slooking up pictures for an art project and listening to te sound track of across the universe.
    this movie is the shit!!!!it was sooooo good.
    to be honest i thought i would be ame…but man,it really good,
    love it and must see!!!!

  11. hey is it just me…or does the guy who plays max[joe anderson…SUPE HOTT!!!] look exactly like kurt cobain

  12. this is in responce to kelli,what movie/musical is it???????????????

  13. o fucking i fucking love fucking eddie fucking izzard FUCKING

  14. I thought this movie reeked of little 13 year old girls following cliche and liking the beatles. but not any beatles, no, they go out and buy the sound track to this movie. Pathetic…
    I am a huge beatle fan. Without a doubt. And for what its worth, I liked this movie.

    *john lennon would not have liked this movie. He didn’t like when people remade his songs. Can you blame him?
    * Go watch thirteen. it has evan racheal wood, and its amazing.
    * I think you are all posers.
    seriously, could you name at least three songs by the beatles not in the movie?
    i dont think you could.
    thats all I have to say…

  15. *oh, and joe anderson does not look like kirk cobain. I think he just rolled over in his grave. so thanks for that. You made me hate the human race just that much more.

  16. *but whoever writes this blog good job.
    all those mean remarks was to the people who posted.

  17. this movie is fantastic, I love it. I love the Beatles

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  21. shes like 9? evan was 19 when she started ‘banging’ manson which is a year older than 18 being the LEGAL age of sexual activities with any man of ANY age.

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