A Bag of Updates!

Bag of Songs

Bag of SongsHello, all.  It is Monday and we are back at work. *Some* of us had a crazy weekend of airport adventures (see below).  But anyway, I’m here to announce this week’s BOTW – Tom from Bag of Songs.  Check out his awesome blog AND check out his post on BTR today – a review on The Swimmers.  The Swimmers are a band out of Philly and he calls their album the “call one of the first truly important releases of 2007.”  So be sure to check it out!

Next up, we’ve got this week’s Artist of the Week – Luckyiam.PSC (pronounced “lucky i am”).  Be sure to read DJ Emily’s article on him and pick up his new album Most Likely To Succeed, which is out this week.

Also, we read this story this morning on Brooklyn Vegan.  I was also at LaGuardia Airport ALL DAY on Saturday, a victim of the oversold flight disaster.  CSS missed their concert at Lollapalooza and I missed my roommate’s wedding.  United Airlines blows chunks.  I was also delayed for 2.5 hours back from Chicago on my way home at 6am Sunday morning & missed my connecting flight. I am officially calling for a boycott of UA!



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