It’s Friday! The Sun is Shining! Life is Good!

Okay, so I’m a little (a lot) tired, but whatevs! Check out BreakThru Radio.

The sun is shining in our windows here at the BreakThru Radio offices. DJ Jeff K’s got Jay Nash & Amber Rubarth doing a really good sounding live performance on today’s Friday edition of BTR Live Studio.

I met up with The Sundresses yesterday at our studios before their Crash Mansion show to record a session for BTR Live Studio (Tuesday edition!) Everyone was in good spirits, and they didn’t even get a $115 ticket for illegal parking (accidental, of course). Watch this space for news on when their session will air. It will be soon! Head over to Cake Shop tonight to see them yourself. Mackenzie has her trombone with her and The Sundresses play a mean ‘Strange Fruit’. You won’t be disappointed.

There are 8 billion shows going on this weekend. Search our full listings on the BTR Concert Calendar. Beautiful flags all over the country and world for your viewing pleasure. It looks a little something like this:

BTR Calendar Graphic

The best way to support independent musicians is to buy their albums and go to their live shows. Show some love! On tomorrow’s edition of the Folk Wave, the majority of the artists I’ll be playing are touring a lot a lot a lot.

I’ve been trying to listen the My Brightest Diamond remixes all afternoon but there is a cement truck doing it’s thing right outside:


At least its keeping a steady beat.

Steady beats. Steady beats. DJ Wynn’s got a brand new show premiering tonight! It’s rounding out BTR’s party scene (Thurs Night is Latola’s Dapper Hour! Saturday night is J Dayz Party Hour! Friday night is REVOLVER). This is a whole new kind of “dance” music. Wynn is playing those indie songs that move you. In an actual feet/ass moving kind of way, in addition to the brain/heart kind of way. Revolver debuts tonight at 9 PM but you can catch it anytime after that. That’s the beauty of on-demand radio!

There’s work to be done! We’ve got some special stuff in store for you….. enjoy your weekend everyone! Come listen to the Folk Wave tomorrow. It’s going to be good!

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention we’ve got our sweet Friday lineup today? DJ Latola is spinning Radio Citizen (Come on, you know you love The Hop), Another Cynthia, Plus Device, Annuals, Dr.Israel, El Perro Del Mar, and more!

until next time.

-maia (btr program director and DJ)


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