Day at the Beach

Here’s DJ Jeff K and I at the beach. I brought my ’97 tape and he brought his boombox.

Wishful thinking.

It’s another gray-ass day here in New York. Not sure when its going to stop. But you can only talk about the weather for so long, I guess. I am back to let you know whats happening on BreakThru Radio today.

We’re airing an exclusive live performance from The Attorneys, who are a highly enjoyable band and also some good guys – also, they finally made use of the studio piano which was much appreciated (listen for that near the end of the set). Also you can check out DJ Annie’s lovely interview with The Attorneys. Annie’s brand new show is premiering tomorrow! The Mixtape show. Mixed tape. Mixtape. You get the point. You know I haven’t made a mix tape in a very long time. To pat myself on the back a little, I think I was really good at making those puppies in middle school. Sometimes I wonder if the ability to skip a track is a blessing or a curse?

Anyways. Here are The Attorneys at Blue Ribbon Sound for their BreakThru Radio session:


In other news, our friends Ra Ra Riot are playing tonight in New York City at the Bowery Ballroom. Art Brut is headlining, with Holy Hail sandwiched in the middle. a tasty sandwich. We’re very excited for all new RRR recordings. When we get them, you will hear them!

What else? Head over to Brooklyn to the charming Barbes to catch Slavic Soul Party! Tune in to BTR one week from today for a lively new show from DJ Lottie – Lottie’s Sideshow Acts – she’s gonna be spinning tunes from Slavic Soul Party and many others in the same ilk.

What does ilk mean?

It’s almost time for a new episode of the Folk Wave. I’m pondering what fresh new folk tunes to play for you this Saturday. If there’s anything you’ve been dying to hear, email me at maia AT . f – f- f folk wave.

I see Square Wave Punch has some new shows lined up – including an acoustic gig at the Sidewalk Cafe here in New York – that’ll be next Tuesday, April 24th. Then they are headed to glorious New Jersey for two shows, including one at The Goldhawk in Hoboken. The last time I was in Hoboken was about 6 years ago when I saw Melissa Ferrick play at Maxwells, then missed the last path train (the last train leaves WAY too early. at least it used to?) and had to take a ridiculously expensive cab home. Use caution! But go see Square Wave Punch. They recorded a pretty sweet set for BTR a few months ago. Click here to listen. I’m feeling a little picture happy so here’s a picture SWP:


You can hear their track “Alice” on DJ Emily’s show today. Emily is also playing tracks from Mumsdollar,The Heathens, Sufjan, The Ones to Blame, IamIsee,The Selmanaires,Morningbell,Islands, The Brobecks, The Black Angels, Of Montreal, Bebel Gilberto,Dub Trio, Golden Dogs, Hidden Cameras, and more.

Mojo is spinning songs from Audra Kubat,Boulevard,Bell Hollow, The Hero Cycle, and more on Maximum Music.

See you all later. I’ve gotta catch some rays.


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